Seat Belts for Dogs?

By Safe Pups •  Updated: 12/23/19 •  3 min read

Of the three reasons to consider a seat belt for your dog, one of the main reasons to consider it is because of the risk involved with your dog. Your dog is like your family member. No scratch that, they are your family member. Just as if they were one of your kids, a dog should be put in a seat belt the same as a kid or regular sized person. When a car hits something, if the dog is not in one, it can go flying forward or backward, depending on the hit, and the dog can become seriously injured, or worse, killed.

Though it may seem like a seat belt for a dog could be uncomfortable, it is in fact not. They are made in way that is very comfortable for your dog. This is one of the three reasons to consider one for your dog. The reason this is the case is some people might think that if they put their dog in a seat belt, it will be uncomfortable to their dog. They might think that a normal seat belt is designed for a human, and they are right about all of these things. A lot of times, if you start putting a dog in a seat belt at a young age, they will get use to it quicker.

But that is why they them now designed specifically for dogs. This is so dogs can comfortably sit in the chair, strapped into a dog specific one, and be just as safe as their human counterparts. Dog seat belts are designed like harnesses, and wrap around the body of the dog, like a comfortable harness that you would walk them in. This is so it makes it more comfortable for the dog to enjoy the ride, and to give a piece of mind to the owner of the dog.

In the end, it is important to keep in mind the safety of your dog. You keep that in mind everywhere else you go, and should do the same when you are driving your dog around town. When they are in a seat belt, they are better prepared to deal with some sort of collision, rather than sitting free, or even worse, sitting in your lap. Imagine what would happen to your dog if you are in a head on collision, and the dog is still in your lap? It wouldn’t be a good thing to experience.

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