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One look at your pooch’s floppy tongue and perky ears as he sticks his face out the back seat window proves it: he loves riding along. But whether it’s a long road trip or just a few errands around town, bringing Rex along can leave your interior mighty messy. While a car seat covered in slobber or pet hair may not bother you, the same can’t be said for passengers who end up with it all over their clothes. Rather than have to constantly clean up the mess, why not block it from your interior to begin with?

A dog car seat cover can save you countless hours of scrubbing and vacuuming by simply keeping the mess at bay. They slip over your seats faster than you can say, “Sit, Ubu, Sit,” and are available in a wide range of neutral styles and colors to match your interior. Most importantly, they’re designed with a custom-tailored fit that takes into account your seat belts, so they won’t reduce the safety of your vehicle if you’re hauling around the kids at the same time.

Accidents happen. And, some of those stains could be set for life, taking a serious toll on your resale value and leaving you with a reputation as the guy on the block whose car smells like “dog.” A dog seat cover slides off as easily as it slips on, allowing you to simply toss it into your home washing machine when it becomes soiled.

Similar to the everyday seat covers you’d use to protect your seats from your human passengers, a dog seat cover also features a quilted layer for added comfort and is manufactured with a water-repellent woven-top finish, a nylon liner to block extra dirt and moisture, and non-slip inserts that keep the cover in place, ideal for large or rowdy pets.

A dog seat car cover is great for protecting your seats but doesn’t do much for your sanity when you have a dog leaping from seat to seat as you’re trying to navigate through traffic. For times like these, you might consider pet barriers. Pet barriers keep your pet from distracting or interfering with your driving by confining them to a specific location. Whether your pet is large or small, they all seem to have a knack for blocking your vision just as you’re about to change lanes. But, with pet barriers, they’re kept safely out of the way and out of your line of sight. Plus, they add an additional layer of protection for both your pet and people who pass by your vehicle by preventing your pets from lunging out in an attempt to “protect their territory.”

Constructed of heavy-duty steel tubing, pet barriers easily withstand the abuse of even the largest pets and also include a rubber coating to prevent it from rattling and further protect your interior. Adjustable both vertically and horizontally, pet barriers are available in various sizes to accommodate just about any vehicle. They’re practically effortless to install and usually don’t even require screws or drilling.

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