Qucey Dog Seat Belt for Car, Adjustable

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Why do our four-legged friends need dog seatbelts?

Have you ever taken your pet friends to travel on the road or drive out? Were they quiet or very active?
Are you still using the dog crates to restrict them?
Now we have a better solution to restrict the dogs in the backseat and let them enjoy the trip-Qucey dog seatbelt.

Product Advantages:

Qucey dog seatbelt is secured by attaching to the vehicle’s latch bar, in the same way as child safety seat. Different from other belts attach directly to the car’s buckle, which will be released by accident if the dog steps on the buckle button. This won’t happen on our seatbelts.
Our dog seatbelts fit all models of vehicles as long as they have latch bar for child safety seat use.
This seatbelt built in elastic bungee to provide elastic buffer for dogs when sudden braking or turning

Premium Material:

The strap made of thick nylon fabric with reflective lines.
4.3” to 6.1” telescopic range elastic band.
The latch bar attachment is selected from climber carabiner.
The hook which used to attach to the dog harness is made of sturdy and lightweight AirCraft Grade Aluminum.
360- degree rotation tangle-free swivel hardware.

Please Note:

The dog seatbelts can’t be attached directly to the collars for use, which will pose the security hidden danger, dog harness is recommended.
Always inspect the belt for any damages before EACH use, please stop using it immediately if damaged.

USED SAFELY- PLEASE NOTE that the seat belt should be hooked to the dog harness NOT the collar directly. Built in elastic bungee to provide elastic buffer for dogs when the car suddenly stops or turns
HOW TO USE- Hook the safety belt directly to the vehicle’s latch bar and attach the other end to the dog harness, then adjust the belt to a comfortable and safe length for the dog
DURABLE MATERIAL- The strap made of thick nylon fabric with reflective lines. Include tangle-free attachment, climber carabiner and a hook made of AirCraft Grade Aluminum which is sturdy and lightweight
DIMENSIONS- The width of the belt is 1 inch / 2.5cm, the length can be easily adjusted between 23 and 30 inches by sliding the metal buckle, the range of elastic band is 4.3” to 6.1”, suitable for most sizes of dogs

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