How to Travel Safely With Your Dog

If you do any traveling with your dog, or planning to in the future, you should always prepare for a safe trip. While some people may simply shrug off the notion of their dog getting injured during travel, the fact is that it does happen, and more than you would probably think. However, knowing how to travel safely with your dog can reduce the chance of injury as well as make for a more enjoyable trip for both you and your dog.

One of the first things you want to do is be sure you have an identification tag on your dog’s collar. It would be unfortunate if your dog gets lost during travel, but at least there would be an easy way for someone to locate you if there is a tag with your phone number and address on it. You can pick these tags up for a couple bucks a piece at a pet supply store in your area or an online store.

Another important precaution you should take is to make sure the places you will be traveling to are pet-friendly. A simple phone call to each place is all it takes to find this out. There’s nothing worse than showing up to your hotel or airline with your dog, just to find out that they don’t allow pets.

If you plan on doing a lot of travel by car, you should consider getting a seat belt harness for your dog. There are many different types of dog seat belt harnesses, but most of them work in the same way a normal harness works, except in connects where the end of the seat belt goes. This allows your dog to remain secure in their seat, keeping them from tumbling around if there is an unexpected accident. Plus, it will keep your dog from being too much of a distraction to the driver of the vehicle.

Another great thing about a seat belt harness is that you can simply attach a leash to it if you need to walk your dog. This makes it easy to take your dog out of the car and let them do their business if you stop at a rest area.

Depending on how long you will be gone for, you should also pack some supplies for your dog. Be sure to take some food, bottled water, and blankets with you. This will make any unplanned travel problems a bit easier for your dog to cope with, since they will have all the basic necessities they need.

Traveling with your dog can be made more safe by planning ahead and taking some simple precautions. While many owners may overlook some of the safety issues with their dog, it’s up to us to protect them. Traveling safely with your dog will reduce the chance of an injury and make for a more enjoyable trip for both you and your dog.

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