A Dog Seat Belt Keeps Your Dog Safest on Car Journeys

Using a dog seat belt is the safest way of keeping your dog and you safe whilst traveling in the car. The other options such as installing a grill, whereby your dog sits loose behind it, or putting your dog in a crate are not very safe at all, especially if you have the type of vehicle whereby your dog is right at the very back of the car with no boot area behind.

It is very dangerous to drive with your dog loose as it puts the lives of everyone in the car at risk, including your best friend. It should be law for dogs too to have to wear dog seat belts, as there are thousands of car accidents every year in which our canine friends are injured or killed as a result of being loose in the car, behind a grill or in a crate . If you must use a crate, it is safer to secure the crate well so it cannot move. If your grill has seats behind it, simply use a dog car seat belt as well.

Some people think that by attaching the lead to the dog's collar and tying it to something will keep a dog safe. This is the most dangerous thing you can do, as if there is an accident all the pull would be on the poor dog's neck and severe injury or death is almost certain.

Dog seat belts work by keeping your dog from moving around or being thrown around. First you put the padded harness part of the garment onto your dog, which has a central padded chest area, so that no pressure or pull is on the neck at all but evenly distributed across the broadest part of the chest. The strap that is attached to the dog car harness clicks directly into the seat belt socket. Some good makes of dog car harness have the option to use a dog car seat as well to enable Fido to look out the window which is particularly useful if you have a small dog.

A dog seat belt is one of the best investments you can make for the safety of all in the car. Some models will also double up as a walking harness when your dog gets out of the car, just clip a lead onto the D ring on the back of the dog car harness, release the seat belt buckle and away you go.

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